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Why Are Daily Habits So Powerful?

Make a new record every day 🚀🏆🎯💯🤩

Daily Habits Checkmarks FutureHabits

Daily Habits are so powerful because they add up over time. This is true for bad habits and good habits. If you eat junk food every day, you can expect the result. If you do something healthy every day, you can expect it too.

But there is an exciting thing about the difference between good and bad habits. Good habits often feel a bit hard and uncomfortable while doing it, and the positive result comes later in life. Bad habits often feel enormously good at the moment, but they harm you later in life.

Good Habit

Bad Habit

Often feels bad at the moment

Often feels good at the moment

Positive result comes later

Negative result comes later

No matter if good or bad daily habits, they create remarkable and lasting results in the long run.

The better we understand how we can take control of our habits, the better we can make the impact we want on our future.

Future Habits illustration of remarkable long-term results


By the last day of November 2022, our growth cheerleader Manfred was born.

We decided to cut his mother away and only left a stump. No worries, Manfred is growing well.

In the first two weeks of December, Manfred was crying. The cut took about three weeks to stop from "bleeding" but at the same time, a little nub started to form on the top side.

We think it's a beautiful reminder to think of for life. People always grow, but especially after a setback, you might not realize you are growing because of the pain. And even on good days, you might not realize it if you don't look back and compare yourself with your "past-you".

If you observed Manfred all day, you wouldn't see any growth. You only realize changes in growth with enough time in-between and when you can compare it with an earlier version. That's why it's essential to look back sometimes.

In many jobs, there is this weekly meeting to look forward and set goals for the week. But how often do people measure the goals they've set and learn from them in the upcoming meeting, before they set new goals?

To have something to look back at with Manfred, we installed a cam that captures three images of her daily. And it wasn't surprising for us that there was even visible growth within twelve hours.

Manfred the plant growth in 12 hours

Manfred is here to remind our community and members to grow a little bit every day.

The 52-week program at FutureHabits follows the same strategy. It takes a little effort of about 10 minutes daily to learn and practice good habits and the goal-setting methodology OKRs. Both together makes it possible to Dream, Plan and Do the things that move people's world forward.

Manfred often helps to create metaphors for the bite-sized weekly lesson of the 52-week program. Look how much Manfred grew in just one quarter:

Manfred slowed growth of its first leaf to build a second leaf, as you can see here—the same counts for human beings. We have to plan where we focus our energy.

At FutureHabits, we often talk about the three characteristics of the Dreamer, Planner and Doer, which are all part of one person.
Future Habits illustration of the Dreamer, Planner and Doer

The Dreamer can imagine being in another country within milliseconds while going to that country will take time for the Planner to plan, and the Doer has actually to get there.




Can imagine to be in another country within milliseconds

​Has to plan to get there

Has to actually travel.

When it comes to daily habits, it's crucial that the Planner tricks the Doer. Imagine doing something active with your body every day. The Dreamer can easily dream of getting active for an hour per day, especially when the Dreamer is motivated. But what happens when the Doer who actually has to move the lazy body isn't motivated?

The Doer will disappoint the Dreamer by not doing it, but there is a hack.

The hack is simple: Set a minimum. It has to be ridiculously low so that the Doer will "START" doing it with and without any motivation. Minimums such as "at least a walk around the house", "at least one yoga pose", "at least three minutes meditation". More is always allowed, but not less.

Future Habits illustration of how to trick you to make it easy to stick to habits

We all know those programs, online coaches, and millions of diets that promise big results in little time, and we know this is not how it works. Let's do little results but consistently to get to massive outcomes over time.

I practice a daily habit of running, currently counting 8038 kilometers, almost 5000 miles, which is about 191 marathons. I never made a marathon at once, not to risk the day after. Therefore I never missed a single day in the past four years. It works because of a few simple tricks.

Like Manfred: Day after day, grow the record with small daily wins.


You Can Make a New Record Every Day

Since Manfred is learning the human language with three words per day, she told us his secret: Manfred wants to become a Plantfluencer and created this video with us:

If you want to build a good daily habit, you can get this free Daily Habit TrackSheet as printable PDF too.

Future Habits HarmonyBoard  PDF to bring your creative flow into balance and make your Dreamer, Planner, and Doer happy.

There are some keys to success to follow so that your good habit will stick. These keys are written on the right side of the Habit TrackSheet. Feel free to share it with anyone who wants to build a daily habit.

We can't wait to see where Manfred will be by the end of June 2023, before the third Quarter of this year starts.

Do you think Manfred will be a Plantfluencer until then?

Tell us in the comments.




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