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  • Well, bootstrappers are the courageous souls who navigate the entrepreneurial journey without the luxury of financial backing. Sharing our design thinking expertise with these purpose-driven warriors just feels right, you know? Many niches in our world crave their ingenious products and services, and we want to help them drive, eh—thrive 😀.


    Why? Because we've walked in their boots. We know the blood, sweat, and tears that go into building something from scratch. It's a wild ride, filled with challenges and liberating freedom. So, let's join forces and support these fellow warriors who, like us, dare to dream big and conquer a world of harmony and progress.

  • Habit-Trigger: You feel stuck or have no clarity with your project.

    Response: Play OnVentures Cards for your project.
    Reward: A boost forward to the future.

    It's that simple 🙃

  • The Videos and recipes for each card are publicly available, but only those bootstrappers who sit down and map out their idea, product, or service will get an extra boost in the future. 

    You'll receive a PDF to print out the 18 essential cards or add them to your favorite digital whiteboard. But there is more:

Step by Step to Project Clarity With 18 Playful Recipes

Hey! Before you start...

Open this first card with valuable information about this playful habit for purpose-driven bootstrappers.

Entry Card

Hard time explaining your idea? Enter the game with a napkin sketch.

Question Storm

Are you stuck? Unleash your creativity and discover innovative solutions for your product.

Core Values

What fuels your product? Unleash its power with strong core values.

Vision Card

Seeking purpose? Unveil your Golden Circle and align your product for meaningful impact.

Love & Swing

Who loves your product? Nurture your lovers for lasting impact.

Kill the Pain

Your customer has a pain? Kill it, and they come back.


Who's the star of your show? Discover your persona.

Journey Map

Lost in the wilderness? Smooth the journey to guide your customers.

Dear Customer

Dear who? Speak directly to your persona's heart.

Brand Quadrant

Don't know where your brand is positioned in the brand jungle? Map it out!

Brand Sliders

You aren't sure about the tone of your brand? Slide it clear.

In a Brandshell

What's your brand essence? Name it, claim it, and tell your story.


SWOT it like it's hot: Stop Sweating, start strategizing with confidence.

Quick Study

Do you have a spot on biases? Shed light on your weak areas with the Quick Study card.

Market Data

Want to strengthen your argument? Empower your narrative with market data.

Underspend It!

Are you overspending? Discover how to avoid financial pitfalls and ensure profitability for your idea.

One Pager

No clarity about the essential few things of your project? See it on one page.

MVP Launch

Ready to take the next steps? Let’s go!

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