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A Journey to FutureIsland

Hopp on the boat and come on a journey with Manfred and me.

A Journey To Future Island Illustration showing a small island with palm

Manfred's roots grow on FutureIsland, a small island far out and only reachable by boat.

Illustration of a Map Like a map with a Compass

He has lived on the island since he was cut back in December 2022, leaving only its trunk and roots.

Manfred is motivated to let grow his roots and leaves like crazy because Manfred has a goal.

He has a vision of a world where people and nature live harmoniously. His current focus is to let FutureIsland flourish into such a place as a prototype for the world.

Drawing of Manfred telling his Objective: People live in harmony with nature on Future Island

On the journey at FutureHabits, he asks himself how to get closer to this goal.

What steps does he need to take, and what KeyResults does he need to set? Currently, he is learning three new words of the human language every day, which he obviously cannot speak as a plant. Thus he makes the valuable exchange possible for himself with human beings. He wants to act as an interpreter between plants and humans.

This is only one of many steps to take. His journey will remain exciting.

Since this week, our FutureMembers can visit Manfred on FutureIsland.

Screenrecording on Future Island in Gathertown

First Community Trip to FutureIsland

This week we had a community get-together with the first class that started in January. Instead of just meeting at boring Google Meets, we wanted to create an experience that would create memories. Gather Town allowed us to do that since they aim to make virtual interactions more human.

Screen Recording Future Island meet up in Gathertown

Gather Town is like a game. You can build a world with a pixel art look, navigate it with

avatars, and interact and video chat with others. If you stand close to each other, you can video chat together, but if you walk away, the video chat window disappears. This makes an online meeting more interactive, fun and exciting. It was also directly an ice-breaker to get started.

The visuals directly trigger nostalgia for people who had a Gameboy in their hands or played computer games in the 90s and early 00s.

At FutureHabits, Manfred has the job of Growth Cheerleader. Besides representing that growth takes time and is not always visible, he also serves us as exemplary student. FutureMembers participating in the 52-week program can go on an exciting journey with Manfred and see how homework can be solved when glancing at his Miro Board.

You will find Manfred also under our People page.

FutureIsland offers many possibilities for other great experiences. Through the great features that Gather Town provides, this will also become the meeting place when FutureMembers want to exchange ideas with each other—people from all over the world on FutureIsland.

Screenshot Overview of Future Island

Using Stories as a Knowledge Facilitator

Stories give a new dimension to knowledge content that can sometimes be more complex and abstract. They emotionalize and enable us to internalize knowledge more efficiently.

That's why it's important to us at FutureHabits to take you on a journey and to convey knowledge in a simple, accessible and tangible way. After all, the goal is not only for Manfred to grow but for you to do the same.


P.S. We are currently sharing the thrill with Manfred because his first new leaf will soon see the light of day.



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