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Progress as a Habit: How Plants Master the Habit Loop to Grow Every Day

Let me introduce you to Manfred, for those who don't know him yet, a lively plant that teaches us the importance of forming a habit loop to achieve progress. With his green leaves and unwavering determination, Manfred shows us that growth is not just about reaching our goals but also about consistently taking small actions that lead to remarkable results.

The habit loop is the secret sauce to success in the world of habits. It's a circular path consisting of four stages: Cue, Craving, Response, and Reward.

FutureHabits showing how a Habit loop works with Cue,Craving, Response and Reward

Let's explore each stage and see how Manfred embodies them.

The Cue

For Manfred, it's the gentle morning sunlight filtering through the window. It serves as a signal, a trigger to start his day of growth.

Similarly, we can create visual reminders or cues that prompt us to engage in progress-oriented activities—a sticky note on the mirror, a vibrant wallpaper on our devices, or a TrackSheet on our fridge.

The Craving

It's the intense desire for progress and growth. (I mean, he wants to be the most beautiful plant on earth 🌱💁‍♀️) Manfred craves sunlight and nutrients, yearning for every opportunity to absorb them.

We, too, can fuel our cravings by visualizing our desired outcomes and seeking inspiration from others' success stories. Let the craving for progress become a burning fire within you.

The Response

That's the moment where the action takes center stage. Manfred stretches his leaves towards the sun, reaching for greater heights.

Likewise, we can take purposeful actions by breaking our goals into manageable steps, setting specific targets, and consistently working towards them. Remember, progress is not a one-time event—it's a continuous journey of small, intentional steps.

The Reward

Manfred celebrates each new leaf and bud, rejoicing in his growth. And is closer to becoming the most beautiful plant.

Similarly, we should celebrate our milestones and recognize our achievements along the way. Reward yourself with a small indulgence or share your progress with loved ones. Let the rewards reinforce the habit of progress and motivate you to keep going.


As we see Manfred as an example, we recognize that progress is a transformative journey that follows a habit loop. We develop a lasting habit of progress by noticing triggers, satisfying urges, taking intentional steps, and acknowledging achievements. So, let Manfred be your inspirational growth cheerleader and witness the remarkable growth that unfolds when you unleash progress as a habit loop.

Ready to progress as a habit?



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