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A rusty saw won't get you far.

Our world puts a lot of emphasis on the correlation between time and results. Why this is outdated thinking is described in the following example.

Future Habits Sharpen the saw Illustration Figure saws on log

Imagine two people cutting down some trees. Alex is sitting there in the morning, and Sam is cutting wild during the whole day.

Whenever Sam looked over to Alex, he saw Alex sitting around most of the time. By the end of the day, Alex has 10x more wood than Sam has. Completely exhausted, Sam goes to Alex to find out about this unfair situation.

Alex replies: "I made breaks from sawing and sharpened my saw."

Have you ever found yourself only focussing on working like crazy, as Sam does in the example above? Then it's time to remember this story and find ways to sharpen your skills consistently because a rusty saw won't get you far.

And this is what Future Habits will do for you: You learn to spend a little time every day to sharpen your skills.

It is essential to understand that improving your skills, future, and business is work, not sitting around. It's work. And it's vital to allow yourself to spend time on it. You can look at it the same way you see work for clients as work—spending time sharpening the saw leads automatically to more efficiency in the long run.


When was the last time you consciously took time to sharpen your skills?

Write it in the comments and tell us your strategy for sharpening your skills consistently.




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