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7 Secrets about Your Willpower

And why it matters to strengthen it.

Future Habits Illustration Figure lifting weight symbolising willpower

Secret 1: Like Muscles

Willpower is like muscles, so everyone has willpower. Some have more, and others have less.

Secret 2: You can grow it

Secret 3: Willpower isn't Motivation

Secret 4: Amateurs vs. Pros

Secret 5: A limited resource

Secret 6: Your environment matters

Secret 7: How you can recover it

Life is Easier with Strong Willpower

The comparison of willpower and muscles makes it visual. Imagine someone athletic going up a mountain: This person will get more quickly to the peak as a couch potato. The athlete will enjoy the hike, not complaining about every step. Let the mountain embody the healthy things you want to do in life. You might have to start with a hill or a single step. Over time, you can become athletic, but only if you practice a bit ahead of what you can do every day. The higher you get, the easier daily decisions become. And so the more joyful your life will be.



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