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Overcoming Inner Resistance in Startups: A Founder's Journey Through Uncharted Waters

When starting a business, it often feels like you're sailing into uncharted waters. Even with a map and a clear destination in mind, obstacles and challenges will arise, including from within yourself. Here's how to navigate these challenges and reach your destination.

Imagine navigating a ship through rough seas and unpredictable weather. These external forces are resistance you have to overcome. But there are not only external forces that try to stop you; every founder must navigate through inner resistance too. And inner resistance is likely harder to grasp. Inner resistance can feel like fear from another storm, even if the weather looks good. Fear and self-doubt that can cloud one's judgment of a blue sky.


3 Steps to Take To Fight Against Inner and External Resistance on a Founder’s Journey

Future Habits Map to the Island of your Dream

Step 1

You need preparation and a written down strategy to overcome inner and outer resistance. First, it's important to acknowledge that a storm can and will arise and accept that it's part of your journey. Just like you can't control the weather, you can't control your feelings, but you can control your response to them.

Step 2

Next, break down your goals into smaller, more manageable tasks, and focus on taking action one step at a time. Each step forward is like a wave pushing your ship closer to its destination. Celebrate each small victory and let it propel you forward.

As you sail through these rough waters, remember that obstacles and challenges are opportunities for growth and learning. With perseverance and a clear sense of direction, you can weather any storm and reach your destination.

Step 3

Check in with your map and compass, call the lighthouse, and make sure you are still on the right path. In other words: log your internal and external progress on a weekly rhythm. Make sure to check in with your feelings, too, so you can make sure to see your journey with a clear vision. It's likely that the sky is blue above the clouds.


Take a Playful Shortcut to Project Clarity

To help you gain clarity and develop a strategy for your journey, we're thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of OnVentures Strategy Essentials in May. They'll provide essential tools to help you gain clarity and purpose in navigating the tricky waters of the Startup world. We keep you posted when it's ready for you to get it.

FutureHabits OnVentures: Strategy Essentials
FutureHabits OnVentures: Strategy Essentials



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