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Why People Struggle to Call Themselves Creative

Meet Luca. Creativity has always been a part of their life. As a child, they loved to draw and paint, and as they grew older, they discovered new ways to express themselves through writing, music, and even cooking. But Luca's relationship with creativity wasn't always smooth sailing. They struggled with self-doubt and the fear of not being "good enough." They felt like they didn't fit in with the "artsy" crowd and wondered if they were truly creative at all.

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What is Creativity, Really?

For many people, the word "creativity" immediately conjures up images of paint-splattered artists or musicians composing symphonies. But that's only scratching the surface.

Creativity is like a wild animal - elusive, difficult to catch, and constantly evolving.

You cannot put it into a box or define it in a single sentence. Creativity takes on different forms and meanings depending on the context, and that's what makes it so exciting. It's about looking at things from a fresh perspective, with curiosity as your constant companion.

The Complexities of Creativity

As someone who has delved deeply into the world of creativity, I can attest to its complexity. For 130 years, scientists have been trying to come up with a standardized definition, but the interdisciplinary nature of creativity has made it an elusive concept. It's not limited to one subject; instead, it's a subject of research in economics, psychology, neuroscience, and education. It's a topic that has sparked many debates and resulted in many conflicting views and results.

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The Power of Creativity in Business

Like Luca, I often felt like I did not meet the artsy definition of creativity. Until I realized while my studies the power of creativity in business, learning that according to a survey by IBM targeted to more than 1500 CEOs, many successful people believe creativity is essential for success in today's complex world. Why? Because it drives innovation, helps to solve complex problems, and allows companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors. This sparked a new curiosity and put creativity in a whole new light.

What it Means to Be Creative

But now, reeeally? What does it mean to be creative? To me, it's about embracing a way of life rather than a specific discipline. It's about constantly seeking new perspectives, challenging assumptions, and seeing the world with fresh eyes. It's about letting your curiosity guide you, exploring the unknown, and discovering something new every day. I often think of creativity as a child drawing a house. While the drawing may look the same as other children's drawings, it can still represent a new perspective for that particular child. It's new for them to hold a pencil, use colors, draw, add the sun, and express their thoughts and ideas through their hands. The new perspective depends on the current state, environment, cosmos, and culture in which the child is growing. And that's precisely how we should approach creativity - as a constantly evolving concept that takes on different meanings and perspectives depending on the context.

And if you want to train your creative Dreamer's engine, like Luca, to a purring cat, I suggest this article.


So, let's embrace our creative selves and approach life with curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. Let's challenge ourselves to see the world in a different light, and who knows - we might discover something new and exciting along the way, such as Luca did.



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