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Make Projects Painful

FutureHabits provides strategies to help entrepreneurs succeed on autopilot.

Make Bootstrapping Your Startup Playful, Not Painful.

Hey Buddy, those 18 carefully designed recipes help you make big jumps with your ideas and projects.

One wise person once said: "If you can't fill out OnVentures cards, you are likely to spend countless hours of work for something nobody cares about."

Still reading? It's Time to Choose Your Staircase to Success!ヽ(•‿•)ノ

Build Projects With Our Recipes

Build Projects the 0815 Way

Do you prefer to go with the flow?

Haha, of course, every creative person does! But your project won't make the progress you deserve if you don't focus on some important steps, such as answering important questions for your project.


Imagine you build a strategy to do things on autopilot—yes—even tasks like cold-calling (งツ)ว. This is where habits come into play.


Our goal is to help you to build good habits, so you can succeed in what you love: Building awesome shit!

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