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The Golden Circle framework answers the fundamental questions of WHY, HOW, and WHAT, guiding you to define the emotional purpose, unique approach, and tangible outcomes of your idea.

Step 1: Understand the Golden Circle Framework

Familiarize yourself with the three circles representing WHY, HOW, and WHAT. Recognize that the WHY connects with emotions, the HOW involves rational thinking, and the WHAT focuses on tangible outcomes.

Step 2: Define Your Golden Circle Ask yourself WHY you are pursuing this idea, HOW you plan to bring it to life, and WHAT specific outcomes you aim to achieve. Write down a concise sentence capturing the essence of each circle.

Step 3: Craft Your Guiding Principle Craft a sentence build as follow: To…, so that… Write a statement that inspires action and serves as a North Star for your idea's direction.


To help people meet their best idea in a playful way,

so that we can create a world of harmony and progress together.

Don't make your first draft perfect. You can improve it later.

Note: Depending on the importance of your idea, product, or service, spending more time on this card might make sense. Check out "Find Your Why" by Simon Sinek. Refer back to it if you feel lost.

The Videos and recipes to each card are publicly available, but only those bootstrappers who sit down and map out their idea, product or service will get an extra boost to the future.

Vision Card

Vision Card

45 min
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