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The Question Storm Card is a powerful tool because it helps you generate innovative solutions by asking open-ended and positive-framed questions. It encourages divergent thinking, allowing you to explore new possibilities and perspectives. By transitioning to convergent thinking, you can transform the questions into actionable steps for problem-solving.

Step 1: Define the objective or issue

Identify the problem or challenge you want to address in this session.

Step 2: Engage in Question Storming 

Set a timer for 5 minutes and ask open-ended, positively-framed questions related to the objective. Let your imagination flow without worrying about answering the questions at this stage. Write each question down. Read out load the questions and repeat the timer until your brain is empty.

Step 3: Transition to convergent thinking

Take a break, preferably a lunch break or a few days, to clear your mind. Return to your questions and create measurable actions or solutions based on each question. These actions will serve as sparks for taking practical steps towards overcoming the problem.

Remember, Question Storming is a collaborative activity, so involving a friend or colleague can enhance creativity and inspire new ideas. The duration of the card can vary depending on the complexity of the problem, but it typically takes up to two hours to complete.

The Videos and recipes to each card are publicly available, but only those bootstrappers who sit down and map out their idea, product or service will get an extra boost to the future.

Question Storm

Question Storm

120 min
Ready, set, hat! 👒
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