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Building a product is like building a house. With all the cards played, it’s a moment you can start building a minimum viable product. Now it is all about the next steps and it’s very important to define what’s the minimum to launch.

Step 1: What are the most important steps to launch it as quickly as possible?

Write down three steps to take to bring your product to the next level.

Step 2: Refine Your Answer

It’s important to keep your MVP small and achievable within 2 weeks per step at most, so you can test your MVP as quickly as possible.

Step 3: Start Building

It depends on your situation; if you just collected an idea for later in life, you can now put it aside in a folder. If it’s about your main product you want to spend time with long-term, start building.

Referring back to the house example, if you are just about building a small cabin that you want to look DIY fairly, the next steps might be going directly into construction work. But in case you want to build something more solid, it makes sense to start with a paper model, such as a paper prototype, so you can test and validate it.

An MVP (minimum viable product) aims to quickly develop and release a basic version of your product or service with minimum features, allowing for testing and validation of key assumptions, gathering user feedback, and learning to inform future development iterations.

That said: If you have played all the cards and are on that stage—let’s go!

The Videos and recipes to each card are publicly available, but only those bootstrappers who sit down and map out their idea, product or service will get an extra boost to the future.

MVP Launch

MVP Launch

30 min
Dreamer, Planner, Doer
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