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Welcome to OnVentures, where we celebrate the playful, curious, and open-minded individuals who dare to dream and turn their ideas into reality.

Your gut-feeling is not enough.

Here is a small slideshow of why gut-feeling isn’t enough when it comes to building a product. A proper plan and strategy is necessary, especially before your put countless hours into building it.

Why play it as a habit?

Habits make everything easier, because they let you do things on autopilot. About half of all your daily actions are habitual. So why not making something that improves your product or service consistently a habit? On each card you will find a habit-trigger. As soon you run into that trigger, play the card and enjoy overcoming any types of resistance.

We played OnVentures on Monday evenings for 2-hour sessions to explore many business ideas without building them. Mapping out ideas theoretically satisfies our desire for exploration and keeps plans ready for another time in life.

As you commit to focusing on your chosen project long-term, use the cards to continuously improve it. In case new business ideas come up to distract you from your mission (trigger), respond by mapping it out for another time in life and then go back to your long-term project.

This is how you habitually can protect your product from dying in the project plateau.

Why so Hat-astic?

Hats are more than a fashion accessory here. They symbolize adventurous spirit and drive for innovation. So, why will you love wearing hats while playing? Let's find out:

  • Ignite a Playful Atmosphere: Playfulness fuels innovation. Don a hat and enter a realm of imagination and possibility. Homemade or funky hats add surprise and embark on a lighthearted and imaginative journey.

  • Embrace Unconventional Ideas: The best ideas often lie beyond the ordinary. Hats unlock unconventional thinking, granting permission to break free from traditional boundaries. Explore new horizons, challenge the status quo, and revolutionize your product.

  • Time for Boundaries and Intention: Time is a valuable resource, especially for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Wearing hats establishes a clear boundary of time. They remind us to make the most of our limited two-hour sessions, immersing ourselves in the creative process, ideating, and refining our ideas with intention.

In summary, wearing hats during OnVentures infuses our collective experience with excitement, creativity, and a touch of rebelliousness. It sets the stage for purpose-driven individuals hungry for innovation to come together in a playful atmosphere. Ready to wear your hat, unleash your creative spirit, and embark on a thrilling journey of ideation and entrepreneurship? Let's dive in!

Remember, a playful atmosphere makes it easier for everyone. Like with a fart, if you force it you will be surprised with shit 💩 So craft your special hat, send us a picture and win free downloads for your friends.

The Videos and recipes to each card are publicly available, but only those bootstrappers who sit down and map out their idea, product or service will get an extra boost to the future.

Hey! Before you start...

Hey! Before you start...

2 min
Dreamer, Planner, Doer
A hat-tastic hat 🧢👒🎩
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